Australian Natural Soap Bar Peach Bellini, Wavertree & London


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Venice, 1930s. The Peach Bellini cocktail is invented at Harry’s Bar. Our soap bar captures that moment in time.
The Australian luxury organic soaps are individual wrapped botanical soap bars by Wavertree and London and made in the best tradition of British soaps. Cosmetics soaps are great noirish for face and body wash. They smell heavenly and far superior to similar soaps on market by quality and scents. Made of plant oils triple-milled moisturizing soaps enriched with pure shea butter.

  • LONG-LASTING BAR: The French-Milling process blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created. The result is a long-lasting bar with a superior lather. The bar is free of air pockets, excess moisture stays hard and does not get soft or dissolve with use. The bars last a long time – great value!
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Sustainable palm oils, organic Shea Butter, and vegetable glycerin. No Animal Fats, SLS, detergents, Parabens or harsh chemicals. Just pure premium grade plant oils.
  • MOISTURIZING BAR: Our moisturizing soap is mild and non-drying and has a rich, creamy lather that rinses off cleanly, leaving no residue. They will leave your skin soft and smooth
  • RICH, CREAMY LATHER: Has a rich, creamy lather that rinses off cleanly. Leaves you with a wonderful skin feel – no residue or film. You will have none of that dryness feels that causes you to add lotion to your skin afterward.
  • FRAGRANCES: Our luscious fragrances smell amazing and last throughout the bar.

DOES NOT: No tallow (animal fats or detergents), No SLS, No detergents and No harsh Chemicals. Just pure premium grade plant oils.

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