Anuschka Foldable Umbrella 42″ Elephant Mandala

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Anuschka Foldable Umbrella 42″ Elephant Mandala Canopy Coverage Rain or Sun UV Protection Windproof

WIND RESISTANT AND WATER REPELLENT: Durable construction protects you from rain even in high wind conditions.
WIDE CANOPY: This umbrella features a 42-inch diameter, leaving you with enough room to cover a friend as well.
SUPER PORTABLE WITH LARGE COVERAGE AREA: This Anushka Art umbrella is easy to store inside a car, closet, or bag.
SUNGUARD SUNPROOF TREATMENT: Highest rated SPF 50+ skin protection rating making this the perfect umbrella for rain or shine.
LIFETIME WARRANTY: Comes with Silver Fever lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Umbrellas are great to protect you from the elements. Most people know that includes rain and snow, but did you know that some umbrellas are also great to protect from the Sun’s UV rays? Use this umbrella on the beach just as easily as you do in rainy conditions. Additionally, the umbrella is wind and water-repellant and is super portable despite a 42-inch coverage area that can protect 2 people at once. This umbrella has a nice durable handle and is easy which makes for easier one-handed operation. Unique lining delivers guaranteed UV protection (UPF 50+) during rain or shine. Easy open-close at the touch of a button. Comfort grip wooden handle. Fiberglass ribs for stronger wind resistance. Prints to match our beautiful handbags and brighten up the gloomiest days. One-year limited warranty. Order this umbrella today!

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