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Trendy Hipster Styles of Handlebar Mustache Infinity Figure Eight Scarf Fuchsia

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6401, SCF1698FUS
One of our popular items that is making a hit in today's trends. The Infinity Scarf is an easy wrap for a cool evening or a great accent piece. The Infinity Loop Figure Eight Crinkled  Wrap Scarf is made of soft blended materials, with unique trendy prints.  Allows different wear
Unique Mustache hipster design pattern is great to add a splash of boldness to your outfit. This cool scarf goes well over sweater or coat and can be worn in a variety of ways. It is light enough to be worn during the summer time, but can still be warm during the winter. Cleaning: we recommend washing in cold or warm water using mild, natural soap or shampoo. Rinse until water runs clear and then drip dry only, away from direct sunlight. Do not wring or twist. If it needs pressing, iron over a damp cloth.
  • Total length is 72", sewed 36"
  • width is 20"
  • Cotton Blend, very light
  • Digital print different styles of mustache in black color

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