Spring Anuschka 2016

by Admin Admin
We are very excited to introduce
Anuschka's Summer 2016 Collection!!!
Click the Anuschka logo above to see the entire new collection

Anuschka fans you already know how exciting each new season of Anuschka is.  Here is your chance to be the first to see what they are offering for Summer 2016.....

Make the other Anuschka followers jealous.
.......Rush to get the latest styles and artwork
Triple Compartment Crossbody
Large Wide Satchel
We have them all ready to be shipped out to you
You can click on the names of the new artwork above to see the new styles on our website but also keep an eye out for the next few Anuschka emails as we will be filling you in on all the beautiful details of this Summer 2016 Anuschka  collection we know you are going to love!  
If you have questions about a specific item please email us at info@silverfever.com


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