Braided Sequenced Detail Soft Woven Infinity Loop Figure Eight Scarf Tan


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One of the popular items of this season is the Infinity Scarf. It is an easy wrap for a cool evening or a great color accent. This Shawl Scarf Wrap features a unique Braided Design that provides depth and volume and is finished off with sequenced accents throughout the scarf. Its understated design pattern allows to wear it as a scarf over a sweater, suit, a luxurious addition to an evening dress, or simply a classic light Infinity Loop Scarf accenting your cute casual outfit. 

10″ Width by 24″ Length, (48″ Entire Length)
New, with tag, packaged.
Braided Design w/Sequenced Accents
Infinity loop scarf, endless scarf or figure eight

Cleaning: We recommend washing in warm water with like colors, using mild, natural soap or shampoo. Rinse until water runs clear and then drip dry only, away from direct sunlight. Do not wrong or twist. If pressing is needed, iron over a damp cloth. 

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